Not Time Yet For Amisom Exit, South West State Leader Adan Says

The President of Southwest State, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan has warned against withdrawal of AMISOM forces noting it was premature to pull out the the troops as the country still needs the African Union troops. Adan said stabilisation of the country and development of the national security forces was critical and the support of AMISOM will ensure these objectives are achieved. Former president initiated the formation of states and it is time for President Farmaajo to build the security forces and stabilise the country, the South West state leader said.

“In the 4 years existence of the administration led by Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, they were engaged on how to build federal states and they succeeded. In the coming 4 years, we expect security to be worked on. I heard the need to cut down AMISOM. According to me, it is not the right time to reduce them” said  Adan. The UN Security Council announced last month the first 500 troops will withdraw in December and a further 1000 by end of next year in phased exit which is expected to culminate into full exit after 2020 elections