Man terrorised for renting shop to a Somali

Duduza – Elvis Volosi says a burning tyre was hurled through the living room window of his house and his car was petrol bombed. The incident happened in September while he was asleep with his family, GroundUp reports.

He says he will no longer rent out his shop premises to “Amandia”, the township slang for Somalis, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Ethiopians and Eritreans. “I do not want to put myself or my family in danger,” he says.

Volosi says he had been warned a few days before the attack to “get rid of the Somalis”.

The same Somali shop owner, Adam Abulai, had previously been forced to vacate the premises in 2015 when the community drove out immigrant shop owners, looting and burning their premises. A “ban” was then imposed by the community.

The 2015 xenophobic violence was triggered after an altercation in which a 14-year-old boy was shot by a Somali shop owner. The boy died two months later.

This was followed by rumours that the Duduza water tank was poisoned by immigrants. Local police said there was no evidence for this.

“As a community we banished ‘Amandia’ shop owners. Not only are they murderers but they mistreat our brothers and sisters who work for them. Anyone who backs them will suffer the consequences,” a woman from Duduza, who claims to have been present during the shooting incident, told GroundUp.

She said: “My deaf brother used to work for ‘Amandia’ and they never used to pay him”.