Somalia Cabinet statement on the Golf Crisis

Today, the council of ministers of the Federal Government of Somalia re-iterated Somalia’s decision in June 2017 towards the crisis in some of the Golf States. Somalia takes neutral approach with a view to solve the crisis in some of the Golf States through diplomacy and brotherlyhood manner.

The Federal Government of Somalia has successfully implemented an excellent working relationship with Federal member states that are part of the Federal Government of Somalia. Somali President has chaired two leaders’ forum within the last 6 months to discuss key issues such as security and the unity of the nation.

Article 54 of the provisional constitution of Somalia clearly states that only the Federal Government of Somalia can make key decisions for the country such as foreign relations, defense, citizenship, and monetary policy.

Somalia has always maintained neutrality on relations with other countries in the Arab states, in Africa and in the Islamic countries. In late 70s Somalia opted not to cut ties with Egypt as a result of the Camp David agreement. It later became a decision that was praised as wise. This position, which the cabinet reiterated today, has been hailed by Somalis everywhere as well as our international partners.


Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism