Press Release : The Position of Galmudug State of Somalia on the Issues of Gulf States

The Federal Government of Somalia has taken a decision in June 6 2017, which was made without consultation with the Somali Federal States, and it will affect all Somalis in everywhere.
We already stated in the last leadership forum held in Mogadishu that the Somali Government cannot take a neutral position because of our historical relationship as well as the strategic partnership we have with UAE and Saudi Arabia.
Moreover, Somalia has commercial relationship and biggest trading with UAE for decades, and we cannot ignore the sustainable development and security that the UAE always stand with the Somalia, Governmentally and Socially. We absolutely acknowledged that the Somalis and Saudis have well relationship, which go back to the beginning of Islam with additional deep cultural and commercial relationship up to now.
Meanwhile, Somali Government has requested to review its position and take to account the concern of the States but the pressure of the time and uncompromising of Federal Government position on this situation and protecting the public interest, Galmudug State of Somalia has no choice but to stand with UAE and Saudi Arabia for their noble pursuit to fight against extremism in any form and their firm stance on relations to this issue.

Office of the President of Galmudug State