Somali Presidential Secretary is Suspended Over Power Struggle – Reports

The Chief of Staff of the Somali Presidency suspended the presidential secretary in what many see an emerging power struggle and split among the president’s inner circles, local media reported.

Habib Mohamed Egal who was identified as the president’s secretary and close ally to the president during his campaign, was suspended from duty by Fahad Yasin Presidential chief of Staff.

The disagreement between the two further worsened when the Presidential chief of Staff Mr. Fahad Yasin wrote a letter baring Mr. Habib entry to the Villa Somalia, source obtained by the local news website, revealed.

Among the people suspended include a former aide to the president during the campaign identified as Mohamed Abdullahi known as Mohamed Dhere who was remembering counting the voting ballots for President Farmaajo during the election.

Fahad Yasin, the current chief of staff of the Somali presidency is a former journalist and powerful politician who is believed to have strong ties to the Qatar government.

– Horn Observer –