Somalia: Parliamentary Subcommittee Writes to the President over the Country’s position on the Gulf Crisis

The Foreign affairs committee of the parliament wrote a letter to the country’s president calling for consultation over the country’s position on the Gulf rift, a letter obtained by Horn Observer read.

“The purpose of the letter is about the Gulf crisis and the government’s political decision on the matter.” the letter which was signed by the chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Parliament Abdulkadir Osoble read.

The letter further notes a growing concern among some of the lawmakers on the matter and calls for the government to open a debate and consultation among the politicians and the members of the parliament in order to lessen the impact the gulf crisis could have the country’s security and the country’s relationship to both sides.

The letter coincides the opening of the 2nd session of the houses of the people and it is not clear the impact the suggested debate and consultations could have the country’s stand on the Gulf crisis.

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Last week, Former Prime Minister of Somalia and member of the Upper House, Omar Abdirashid critisized the government’s decision on the dispute between the Gulf states.