SOFREP Exclusive: Joint U.S. and Somali Special Operations raid kills top al-Shabaab commander

Mogadishu, Somalia — A report that was obtained exclusively by SOFREP confirmed a joint U.S.- Somali Special Operations commando raid on an encampment occupied by the al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group known as Harak al-Shabaab al-Muhajideen, or simply, al-Shabaab.

The joint raid occurred in the early Thursday morning in the town of Kunyo Barow just south of the coastal city of Barawe in southern Somalia.

SOFREP has confirmed that the terror group’s deputy commander and chief spokesperson, Sheikh Ali Dhere, otherwise known as, Ali Mohamud Rage was killed during the raid.

Local reporting close to the raid say that there were two targets hit, one of which is suspected of being a “detention center” of sorts in which the commandos supposedly freed several prisoners.

SOFREP spoke with one of a high level source within the Somali military who had direct knowledge of the raid and they confirmed the reports that U.S. Special Operations were there saying, “it [the joint special operation raid] was very successful operation by joint US and special commandos force as confirmed by the District Commmisioner of Barawe city.”

The source went on to describe the al-Shabaab camp as one of biggest of its kind in the widely al-Shabaab controlled Lower Shabelle region of southern Somalia.