Council of Ministers Approve Slight Changes in Somalia Media Law

The Cabinet has on Thursday approved the Somali Media law in their historic meeting in the town of Kismayo, the regional capital of Jubbaland Administration, officials said.

The Approval of the bill comes after the Ministry of information held extensive consultations with key stakeholders in the the country and considered their input, feedback and comments during the review process.

“The reason that led to this review came after we have received complaints from the journalists requesting for possible amendment on Article 35 which restricts the practice of the profession to University decree.” Eng Abdirahman Yarisow, Somali Minister of Information said, “That’s why we have amended this article and others”

The Somali parliament has passed a controversial Media Bill on December 2015, which aimed to regulate Media in Somalia for the first time in twenty-five years since 1991 civil war. The Media law which was later signed by then president Hassan Sheikh Mohamed received wide widespread criticism and complaints from the Somali media stakeholders over its restrictions on the practice of journalism.

Upon taking oath of the office early this year, the minister of information Eng. Abdirahman Omar Osman undertook to review the law following concerns raised by media practitioners in the country.

The Cabinet will pass the media law to the parliament for approval.